What we believe?

What we believe?

Custom Home Builders Toronto May Fair Homes

Choosing the right home builder or general contractors to complete your custom home construction or even home remodeling work is one of the biggest decisions any person has to make. There are always two questions asked by clients to us while they are doing the biggest investment in their life:

  • Sometimes even small changes can have a noteworthy impact on cost or scheduling, particularly if construction is already underway. It may mean changing some aspect of the construction. For instance, a change in floor coverings may call for a different sub-flooring or put the green insulation in walls after the installation of drywall.
  • Changes can also result in delays. We work with a tight construction schedule and sub-trades who move from one task to another and one home to another according to a timetable.
  • It is crucial that all changes or additions are documented as written change orders and signed by both parties. This eliminates misunderstandings and ensures that everyone, from the people in the sales office to the site crew, knows what has been agreed to.
  • Change orders are considered extras to the contract. Ask us to explain how you are expected to pay for them. Adjustments may be made to the outstanding balance due on the closing date, you may be charged separately later, or the cost could be added to a scheduled construction draw.

It is essential to choose the right business partner or risk losing time, productivity, and efficiency, as well as miss critical business deadlines and lose revenue. Mayfair understands how important this decision is, and is dedicated to providing your business with the highest quality construction, maintenance, and customer service available in the industry. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. We believe our employees are the key to our success. We empower them to work hard and grow both personally and professionally. We believe customer service is king and we offer the highest quality construction and customer service and maintenance in the industry.

We take pride in moving toward the more-complex projects, rather than away from them. We believe the bottom line is important but we also know that high-quality work. We provide excellent customer service and being flexible is what it takes to ensure the highest return on investment for our customers. We exceed our client’s expectations and stand behind our work. So interview us as a builder or general contractor in GTA, we will ensure all of your expectations. As the best general contractors we believe in Mantra: Client first, Client first and Client first.

We always pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer care. That does contain one-on-one consultations from the beginning to the end of your custom home. Call us today at 416-949-5050 to schedule a free session and let us give you a firsthand look at the fine design, quality structure, and excellent customer care offered by Mayfair homes.


We, Mayfair Homes, are luxury custom home builders in Toronto constructing high-end customized homes for our clients; Feel free to call us for:

  • Free Consultation and Estimate
  • We Design and Build Luxury Homes
  • Licensed and Insured Company
  • Dream Floor Plan and Smart Features
  • Practical Architectural Plans
  • We get Building Permits
  • Sustainable and Energy Efficient Homes
  • Seven Years Tarion Warranty
  • No Hidden Cost – No Surprise

  • To Discuss your Needs and Wish list;
  • To Get Proven Reliable Services;
  • For Competitive Quote and Price;
  • On time, Best quality & within Budget.


Mayfair’s is famous for luxury custom home building, complete remodeling of dwellings, restoration into original look, residential addition and renovations services for our valued clients. We will make your project pleasant and comfortable with innovative design, high quality material, detailed workmanship and contemporary ideas. Our concern is to know You – Your passions, Your wish list, and above all, to heighten your expected lifestyle.


To become the best custom residential builders in Toronto, we deliver our services on schedule, within budget, with quality control, with least risk and safety to meet our customers’ needs.

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