Home Building Process

Home building process

As a leader in home builders finer service, we believe in a simple and stress-free project. We educate our clients on each and every step of the home building process. We will provide you a schedule of contact-point and that’s the way we will constantly in touch with you. We are a Tarion registered builder and providing seven years of Tarion warranty to our clients. Before the start of your project, we will give you a complete breakdown of the estimated budget. Using our system you can easily track your dream home and predetermine your new home budget or get an idea about complete home building cost in Toronto

To begin with, your customized home, we as home builders will assess your needs based on your wish list, lifestyle, architectural design, budget, and your neighborhood requirement. We will prioritize location preferences, and familiarize you with Mayfair’s course of action. We will make a complete business plan for your project and once you purchase a lot, and permits are ready, a comprehensive timeline for designing and building your customized home will be set!

Our process is as simple as below. You will be just one year away from moving into your dream home.

A simple way to design:

As an industry expert, we will assess your project needs.

Mayfair is passionate about design. We know the art that makes your home majestic, sustainable, and cost-effective from your wish-list and specifications. We uniquely plan space in the home, exterior elevations, materials selection and finally a good finishing. Throughout the process, a record of decisions and courses of action is kept in a project specification book. To avoid unexpected changes that create the client’s annoyance and involves cost, we resort to show a client his/her home in 3D rendering design before the start.


A simple way to build:

As experienced home builders, we have a proven course of action that imparts built-in flexibility.

Mayfair Homes simplify the complex building process by becoming your campaigner. Our years of home building experience, coupled with our streamlined process of managing selections, results in a refined and highly efficient building practice that has enabled us to build your home in a timely and efficient manner. Throughout the process, we constantly provide you the detailed budget breakups and construction schedules, allowing you to see the progress and realizing the justification in costs.


A single source point

We work promptly and more efficiently.

Mayfair Homes is a complete home builders and play a vital role in pioneering your home needs and provide you complete home building cost in Toronto. We do not unnecessarily impose anything that costs you extra money. You will find all professionals, including architects, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, project managers, interior designers, kitchen designers and bathroom designers under one roof of Mayfair homes.

Completely Experts Creation and best according to your wish list and specifications. Absolutely your Dream Home!


We, Mayfair Homes, are luxury custom home builders in Toronto constructing high-end customized homes for our clients; Feel free to call us for:

  • Free Consultation and Estimate
  • We Design and Build Luxury Homes
  • Licensed and Insured Company
  • Dream Floor Plan and Smart Features
  • Practical Architectural Plans
  • We get Building Permits
  • Sustainable and Energy Efficient Homes
  • Seven Years Tarion Warranty
  • No Hidden Cost – No Surprise

  • To Discuss your Needs and Wish list;
  • To Get Proven Reliable Services;
  • For Competitive Quote and Price;
  • On time, Best quality & within Budget.


Mayfair’s is famous for luxury custom home building, complete remodeling of dwellings, restoration into original look, residential addition and renovations services for our valued clients. We will make your project pleasant and comfortable with innovative design, high quality material, detailed workmanship and contemporary ideas. Our concern is to know You – Your passions, Your wish list, and above all, to heighten your expected lifestyle.


To become the best custom residential builders in Toronto, we deliver our services on schedule, within budget, with quality control, with least risk and safety to meet our customers’ needs.

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